About Us

Where did you get your hair braid? Who braided your hair? Inquiring minds want to know. That’s our mission at Just Braids Info. To bring hair braiders and clients together. All things of hair braiding in one spot. As a black woman and a California licensed cosmetologist, I realized that there is a limited amount of resources for your hair braiding needs. I wanted to create a website where the two can meet.

For Braiders

There are limited platforms for hair braiders to advertise themselves and their hair braiding business. Especially if you are just starting out and you do not own a salon. Justbraidsinfo.com was created so hair braiders can list their business for free so they can be discovered by people who want their hair braided. It is a website where you can also promote photos of your braided work and list your hair braiding products or accessories. Whether you own a salon, rent a booth, or work from a home justbraidsinfo.com is for all braiders. Find the promotional package for your budget Here

For Clients

Have you ever wanted braids but did not know anyone who could braid your hair. Finding a hair braider can be difficult. Maybe you moved, your hair braider moved, your hair braider retired, or you just want options for your hair braiding choices. That iss why justbraidsinfo.com was created. A website where you can search for braiders near you, find braid styles and find braid hair and products used in the braiding community. Click here for

Style is a choice so make yours.